Twellium Industries
Twellium Industries

The fastest-growing Manufacturing Company in Ghana, in line with their usual top-scoring tradition has surpassed expectations in the manufacturing landscape with a number of distinguished and honourable achievements.


With the most recent one being the conferment on the company as a leader in the manufacturing industry. Twellium Industrial Limited won the most prestigious award at the 5th edition of the Ghana Manufacturing Awards held in

  • The recognition comes on the back of its array of number one beverage and biscuitproducts widely patronized in Ghana and across other West African countries

In this video, we present an inside look as well as an aerial view of Twellium Ghana, as we document and celebrate the industrial feat, achieved by the pride of Ghanaian industry, Twellium Industrial Company.

The industrial conglomerate which has both a beverage and biscuit division, was awarded with the Confectionery Products Manufacturing Company of the year.

This milestone reiterates the vision of the industrial giant and sets the bar high for greater heights in championing the
industrialization agenda in Africa.

Originally baked with love, as it is affectionately referred to, McBerry Biscuit is one of Ghana’s leading Biscuit brand manufactured by Twellium industries.

Mcberry Biscuit has been making major waves with its new products like London Digestives, Bless Cashew Cookies, Pure Delight wafer and over 40 SKUs within a two-year span of operating. Before the introduction of Mcberry Biscuits unto the Ghanaian market, Twellium Industrial company was already a household name, kind courtesy, its award-winning products like Verna Mineral Water, Rush Energy Drink, Planet Flavored Drink and many more.

Whenever the list of Twellium products come up, the question of how they are able to meet demand and exceed demands come up next.

It is public knowledge that the manufacturing muscle of Twellium Ghana is unmatched and their dominance in the market is indisputable. It is important to add that, Twellium Industrial Company, has eight different lines with a significant speed of production and efficiency.

The industrial conglomerate, has immensely contributed to the economy of Ghana, by employing Ghanaians, buying from local farmers, awarding scholarships and popularizing the ‘Made In Ghana;’ phrase through its ‘ship power’ to other west African countries through exports.

In addition to the above, the Ghanaian market psyche has changed to patronizing locally bottled beverage or baked biscuit in order to embrace domestication and support national policies aimed at protecting local industries.

Biscuit and Beverage giant, Twellium Industrial Company Limited has been certified with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) to affirm its conformity to world-class standards of safety and premium quality, bringing international standards to the Ghana market.

This has created an alternative for Made in Ghana products, satisfying the snack cravings and desires of consumers. With a reach arching over the remotest villages of Ghana and major cities across the world, the Mcberry brand has grown to become the most trusted biscuit brand globally.