Moesha and Victoria Micheals
Moesha and Victoria Micheals

The blogger revealed that , the repented Ghanaian celebrity is nowhere to be found after a video of her went rival for trying to take her own life .


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In an Instagram post sighted by our outfit , the popular blogger asked that the pastor and her brother , Victoria Michaels, who reportedly took Moesha to the church to provide her.

The blogger also promised to get the police involved if , Moesha is not provided within the shortest possible time.

The post read :

“Ghanaians please help me ask Victoria Michael and the brother, Pastor Gabriel to produce Moesha now.

Where have they taken Moesha to? Pastor Gabriel blocked us yesterday so let’s tag

Victoria Michaels can your brother sorry your business partner tell the real friends of Moesha where you and your brother [Pastor Gabriel] have taken Moesha to?

If Moesha’s repentance means not wearing makeup then Vicky why are you wearing make up?

Victoria Michaels pls you and your brother should produce Moesha now so that she can be offered the appropriate help.

Gosh! My Cuties, these people and some celebrities we’ll be naming have selfishly taken advantage of Moesha’s mental state and it’s sad.

But we will get the police involved”