Big Akwes

Kumawood actor Big Akwes has made a shocking revelation on how his own mother killed his father in a new interview, can report

Speaking in an interview, the popular Kumawood actor revealed his mum was responsible for his father’s death.


He said;

“My mother killed my father and took all his properties, that is why I left home. When life started for me, I wanted to be like my father who was into the Pharmacy business but circumstances led me into acting.”

He explained that his mother together with his father’s driver hatched the diabolical plan to have his father killed so they could take over his possessions and they ended up shooting him in the spiritual realm.

“I forced my mother to take my father to the hospital but she insisted she had already taken him when I got home. When I pushed further, she locked our main gate and took my father into their room and locked that door too.

I jumped out of the house to get a Doctor but upon our return, my mother never opened the gate so l asked the Doctor to leave. My father stayed indoors for several days until he died a miserable death.

What saddened me is that when my father died, he was sent to the burial grounds in the boot of a taxi. A man who had wealth and was living his life in riches was reduced to nothing.

Even providing a suit for him, my mother refused and therefore we had to buy some clothes for him”.