Counsellor Lutterodt

A man identified as Kwaku Amedome alleged that controversial counselor George Lutterodt was disgraced and sacked by the head of a church for dating 6 women and got one pregnant

During an interview on NO.1 FM’s Showbiz Show, Kwaku Amedome Counsellor Lutterodt was sacked from a church he attended for abusing women.


While talking about domestic violence, Kwaku expressed that violence against women could not only be physical but verbal as well.

He then said that Counsellor Lutterodt is a glorified abuser of women in the country but people including media houses have given him the platforms to keep abusing women verbally anytime he gets the chance to.

Amedome further revealed that Counsellor, who was the leader of the choir at a former church, was sacked for dating 5 women at a time and impregnated the sixth lady.