FBI attacks fraud boys

The United States Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) have reportedly stormed some apartments at Lakeside, Lapaz and Tema, nanansem.com can report

This comes after a fraudster John Jacobs reported his fellow scammer in the US to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) in the United States of America.


A video of John Jacob has been fast trending across most online platforms. It as him in a phone call with an FBI agent in the US snitching on his friend by revealing that they’ve been involved in an unemployment scam.

John Jacobs said his friend Ruph Adoe Awuni who lives in the US steals the personal details of the American citizen and sent them to him to fill for unemployment benefits and instructed them to arrest him

Photos and Video: FBI attacks places in Ghana to arrest fraud boys

As of now the FBI are reportedly in Ghana to do more investigations regarding the issue and arrest Jacob and any other fraud boy that comes their way.

Nanansem.com has chanced on screenshots and video of some of the operations of the FBI in their visit in Ghana.

From a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation from a group of boys with the Group name “Bad Boys”, it showed that they are indeed shivering that they will be caught.

In their conversation, they were narrating how the operations of the FBI are done. According to them, the FBI forces one fraud guy when he is being caught to mention names or led them to their friends who are into the same business.

Photos and Video: FBI attacks places in Ghana to arrest fraud boys

The also said the operations are ongoing at some apartments in Lakeside, Lapaz and Tema.

In addition, the screenshot included a photo of a police officer wearing a night helmet with some men in a room in a scene that seemed to be them being interrogated by the officer.