Naa Ashorkor

Radio/TV personality, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku is one of the few Ghanaian media personalities who have taken their Covid-19 jab, can report

She did so on Tuesday, March 2, 2020, after the President of the land, his vice, and other prominent people in the country took the first jabs on live TV to allay the fears of conspiracy theorists who believe that the vaccine is a ploy be whites whip out African.


In a tweet to encourage others who are supposed to be a part of the first 600,000, Naa Ashorkor listed some of the stated side-effects she has so far seen.

She also gave her full endorsement and asked people to go out and get the vaccine.

“A day after my Covid-19 vaccine shot … I’m experiencing the expected side effects. Headache, pain in the arm that received the shot and some fatigue. Am I worried? Noooooooo. Am I freaking out? Noooooooo. Do I think you should take the vaccine? Definitely YES!,” he tweet reads.