Counsellor Lutterodt

It is a lifestyle among most women, especially in Ghana. Most ladies usually gather their underwears and wash them on weekends.

It’s at the back of this lifestyle among Ghanaian ladies that Counsellor Lutterodt has ditched some words of sense into the heads of the young ladies out there who are fond of gathering and washing panties weekly due to flimsy excuses.


According to him, any lady who washes her panties weekly is dirty and has a mental disorder as well.

In an exclusive interview with Bryt, the Counselor who doubles as clergyman said it is time to raise good husbands and wives’ home so any lady (either single or married) who gathers her panties and wash them weekly is nothing but a lazy woman who is developing a mental problem.

“Let’s raise husbands and wives at home. There are even some ladies who when they soak their panties throw them away instead of washing but let me make it clear here, any lady who is into that act is dirty and has mental disorder”, he said.