Comedian Abdul Waris Umaru, known popularly as Comedian Waris, has chastised musician Pope Skinny for claiming that the late Ebony Reigns was killed by her hometown gods for practising lesbianism, can report

According to him, it was useless for Pope Skinny to reintroduce what led to the demise of Ebony Reigns into the conversation of LGBTQ+


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The rapper in a trending four-minute video alleged that Ebony was killed by the gods of her hometown because she desecrated the land by having an affair with her best friend Frank Kuri during their stay.

“Let me tell you what the pastors are not telling you. Let me tell you what God revealed to me. Whether you like it or not, I’ll drop that bombshell.

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Commenting on his Twitter timeline, Comedian Waris wrote: “Pope Skinny is a shameless guy charley, it was useless to bring back what killed Ebony whether she was into lesbianism or smoking or whatever.”

Waris continued: “Very stupid statement from a grown-ass man. Let Ebony Rest In Peace…and stop behaving like a little girl in the name of trends.”

Pope Skinny is a shameless guy- Comedian Waris