Ghanaian award-winning hip hop recording artist, Lukeman Ekow Baidoo popularly known as Teephlow has given more insight into his new album “Plowducation 2”.

Sharing reasons why he decided to do a second version of his first album ‘Plowducation 1’, he mentioned, “it wasn’t easy after Plowducation 1 because it was just an E.P and it made so many waves”


In an interview with NYDJ on Y 102.5 FM’s Ryse and Shyne Show he said, “from what we were able to achieve from the first album, we decided that we needed to transition from that to a more mature state. We all know the first one was just a full-blown Hip-hop album with 8 songs. So this time, we wanted to properly knack the aim for one”.

Teephlow went on to say that the second album is basically to solidify his name and what he stands for in the Hip-hop rap culture. “And also transition to a stage where I can give fans and listeners the entertainment, education and inspiration they want in all genres”

“So Plowducation 2 comes with every other thing that you must know about Teephlow”, he said

Talking about what inspired him to do the album the musician disclosed he wanted people to know the different sides of him. “It wasn’t just for the business. I can say the passion pushes this the most and it is just different stages to the vibe. In the end, you should let people know that you can pass the ball around and you can score the goal too”