According to Patapaa who recently tied the knot with his longtime German girlfriend, he would not be part of the awards in the foreseeable future till Charterhouse, organizers of the awards change their approach of awarding thriving musicians.


“The idea of awarding musicians is not something bad and the VGMA had been in existence for a very long time.

“I’m still not happy about the disappointment back in 2018 after my ‘One Corner’ hit song failed to win an award despite its positive impact on the global stage. I have decided not to partake in the awards scheme but I wish them well and urge them to do the right things,’’ he told GNA Entertainment.

“I was very shocked when I was labelled an underground artiste considering my impressive records.

“My songs are played globally and have appeared on some big international platforms with some American musicians like Chris Brown dancing to it and for me, no musician in Ghana can match this record,” he said