Joseph Mensah
Joseph Mensah

Popular Gospel artiste, Joseph Mensah has revealed some painful times he went through in his previous marriage.

In an interview with Kwaku Manu on his YOUTUBE channel, the Gospel artiste and movie actor disclosed that he has gone through a lot of painful moments in his life while he was growing up.

The ‘Maso Fa’ hit maker added that he was born into a poor home and as a result of that, he had no education when he was growing up. He noted that he was living with his parents in the village and for that matter he had no hope that he will come to Kumasi one day.

Joseph Mensah continued by saying that he came to Kumasi by the help of a family member since he was doing nothing in the village.

“When I was working under my master, he never loved me and as a result of that, he was always abusing me for being a gospel singer. My master hates me for being a gospel singer and for that matter he stabbed me with a knife for singing a gospel song”, he said.

“He hates me for being a Christian and gospel singer but I never became discouraged of it. Since I never gave up on music career, the Lord gave me a breakthrough in my music career and now am a star in Ghana”, Joseph Mensah added.

“When I got marriage at the beginning, everything was going on well until problems begin to creep into my marriage. My wife was being snatched from me by a friend I trusted and that nearly killed my soul” he disclosed.

“I nearly died in my marriage since I never taught my wife could go into bed with my friend. I divorced my wife for cheating on me and am very careful of women now” Joseph Mensah noted.