He was a delight to watch in his childhood days when he appeared on the screens of TV3 talented kidz show, he is now in his teen ages and has started fantasizing and having countless dreams about the ‘African Mermaid’ Sister Derby.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, Tutulapato disclosed that he keeps having dreams of dating Sister Derby when he is asleep


According to him, he had to confide in his manager about the dream he keeps having about him dating the pretty artiste, only to be told by the manager that he might be just hallucinating.

Tutulapato stated that the irony of this whole experience is that he has never even set eyes on Sister Derby before let alone talking to her physically hence was confused at a point.

He added that despite all this, when his management called on Sister Derby to feature on a song with him, she did not hesitate but gladly accepted and jumped on a song yet to be released.