Dr. Okoe Boye
Dr. Okoe Boye

Dr. Okoe Boye urge Ghanaians that the Covid-19 vaccine will reduce People’s Risk of the Infection.

The former Deputy Minister, Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye has asked Ghanaians not to be afraid of the Covid-19 vaccines.

According to him, there have been so many rumors against the Covid-19 vaccines but now he has come to clear the air that, they are all false.

Speaking on Peace FM on the Kokrokoo Morning show, Dr. Okoe Boye made some advantages that Ghanaians will gain from the vaccines.

He then guaranteed that the Vaccine will not be harmful or Endanger human lives.

“We want to curtail the spread of the disease . . . another thing that the vaccines help to do is to reduce morbidity. One thing that the vaccine helps to achieve is if you don’t get protection or it doesn’t prevent you from contracting the disease and you get infected; your risk of severe morbidity is low. We’re not just afraid of you contracting the disease but the end result which is death. That’s the most important thing that we want to deal with. The last one is mortality. When you give the vaccine, it reduces the mortality rate drastically,” he highlighted.