My feature with secular artiste has united church goers and non church lovers – Celestine Donkor.

Award winning gospel artiste, Celestine Donkor, has disclosed that her songs has really reached the stage of uniting secular artiste and churchgoers.

“One of the reasons why I featured secular artistes on my gospel song is that I wanted us to be united in thanking the Lord. We are thanking God for the fact that he loves us all unconditionally whether you’re a churchgoer or not,” she said.

In an interview at Kastle FM in Cape Coast, Celestine Donkor stated that the reason why she usually wants to have a feature with secular artiste is to thank God for loving everyone unconditionally and also unite everyone.

“Though we are in this current Covid-19 era which is killing a lot of people the Lord has still protected those who go to church and those who don’t go to church. So let’s thank God for our lives and that’s the purpose behind my Yedawase song,” she added.

She continued “I’m glad that the song has touched a lot of people’s lives and hearts especially those who don’t go to church. Because it’s not just as if I’m just saying anything at all, when you watch the comments under the video on YouTube, you’d believe what I’m saying about the song.”