Ghanaian actress and socialite, Andrea Owusu popularly known as Efia Odo has disclosed that Shatta wale did not in any way stand in her way of becoming the brand ambassador for South African Wines.

It can be recalled that sometime in 2020, Efia Odo who was reported to have been the first to be approached by the owner of the wine shop, was said to have been ‘backstabbed’ by Shatta wale who later got the ambassadorial deal


But clarifying what ensued, she said contrary to such public speculations, Shatta wale did not snatch the business deal from her.

She added that the C.E.O instead chose the dancehall artiste over her.

“Shatta did not take that deal for me. It was the C.E.O who decided on what she wanted. She was organizing an event and asked me to link her to Shatta wale. I managed to convince Shatta and he came on board. Later Shatta became friends with the woman and then all I realized was he got the deal,” she stated in an interview with Kofi TV.

Touching further on the issue, Efia Odo said at that point in her life, she was not privy to contractual issues relating to such deals.

“When I met the woman, she was a fan and through that we became sisters. I was helping her with a lot of things and she proposed that we do business together. At that time I was very naive and didn’t request for any form of a contractual agreement. We continued with the business and when it got to a point where we were supposed to talk about an official signing, some issues popped up,” She established.