Juicy Vibez

Ghanaian comedian, Juicy Vibez has shared that it is very difficult not to call your ex a friend especially when there is a child between you two

“60 out of 100 broken relationships have children with their ex-partners and it is difficult for them to see each other as friends because of their recent relationships, their partners might not be okay with it but for the sake of the child you have to keep that friendship intact,” she said


According to her, because there is a child one sometimes has to be friends with their ex in order for the child’s parenting to go on well.

Speaking with Mercy Bee on e.TV Ghana’s Girl Vibes, she also said that, if you dated your mother’s friend’s son or daughter and the person is now an ex, but he or she always tags along when the mom is visiting, in cases like this you can’t be frowning whilst everyone is smiling with them, it doesn’t show maturity.

“You both need to be emotionally matured for it not to affect your recent relationships”, she stated