King Ayisoba
King Ayisoba

King Ayisoba claims he declined many of the contract he was given by the European countries because they refused to give him wee.

The legendary Ghanaian musician, King Ayisoba has revealed that he declined most of the European tour offer since they also decided not to meet his satisfaction.

Speaking in an interview with Kofi TV monitored by, the veteran musician once said that wee smoking is calling from God.

He revealed that, he once had an offer to tour in Denmark but he surprisingly turned down the offer because the organizers of the program refused to also give what he likes the most.

According to King Ayisoba, he takes alcohol but he prefers those that contain higher content of wee.

He continued by saying, To him wee is a medicine that heals adding that, after smoking he does not think about committing any crime or engaging in any social vices.