Counselor Lutterodt
Counselor Lutterodt

MzVee is still going through depression – Counsellor Lutterodt, can report.

Last year, MzVee had a hard time when she was sacked from Lynx Entertainment and was not really into her music career.

When she was going through depression, she disclosed that, she got closer to her maker and also her family by the help of Efya who motivated and encouraged her.

But According to Counsellor Lutterodt, MzVee has not recovered from her depression.

 “ I watched her interview with Delay, she is not cured. She is still depressed because depression is not curable, it is managed,” he said.

In an interview on Okay FM, he made known that:

 “we manage people with depression so the triggers will not come. Church doesn’t manage depression; it gives you false hope“. Counsellor emphasized that MzVee broke bounds with her family and that was the problem.

about:blank about:blank He added that “she broke bounds from the house, an undisciplined behaviour that she should be disciplined. You were staying home with your mother and you left. That’s what is happening with Funny Face“.

Counsellor Lutterodt continued that “once you break bounds from the home, you have to home trained again so you can. Yes, Efya helped her but the last I watched her interview with Delay, I say she is still going depression“.