men and women

The controversy around whom between the man and the woman should be submissive in the home has been one that never seems to end.

Rev Mrs Gloria Kafui Lamptey, Deputy Overseer of Believers House of Worship International and Counselor has stated that men should also submit to their wives.


In an interview with Eunice Quaicoe Tornyi, she mentioned, “Submission in marriage should be mutual where not only the woman is submissive, but the husband is submissive as well”.

She believes that cases of divorce are on the rise because of the issue of submission in the homes of couples.

Some men have concluded on the fact that only women have to be submissive forgetting they also play a significant role in building their homes and also have to be submissive to their wives.

She, however, mentioned that “Every man has an ego and pride and if a woman touches that aspect of a man, you’re doomed. And until women come to that realization and understanding their marriages won’t work”.

She stated that we should see the word submission in its totality because what other people especially men see as submission is domination. But, “that is the wrong perception of submission” she stated.

“Most men abuse the word submission. We all must submit to our partners, that is how God made it and we must follow it as such”.

She advised men to also put in an effort to be submissive to their wives because it is a two-way affair and not just the duty of the wife to be submissive