Medikal and Okese 1
Medikal and Okese 1

Medikal replies to the allegation Okese 1 raised against him, can report.

Medikal, who claims everyone wants to beef him, has finally replied to Okese 1 who called him Ungrateful and a sellout.

Okese 1 in a live session said he helped Medikal when he was on the streets and Medikal ended up sneaking to spoil his name.

The Amotiageng rapper, continued by saying he is not part of AMG business and he is the CEO of Amotiageng but people think he is under AMG.

Okese 1, said Medikal called Andy Dosty and told him Okese 1 is not respectful so he shouldn’t mind him and added Medikal is ungrateful and Sell out.

In a tweet on Medikal’s handle, he reacted to the video Okese 1 did in his Instagram live video.

According to Medikal, it is very sad that Okese 1 will throw away years of friends because of 24-hour clout.

Medikal replies Okese 1 after he called Medikal Ungrateful and Sell out.