Head of Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) Prof Kwabena Annan says it is not safe to celebrate this year’s Kwahu Easter festivity following the rise of Coronavirus cases in the country, nanansem.com can report

Speaking Tuesday on Agoo FM Morning Show, Prof Kwabena Annan said, “we all know the importance of tourism but I am not sure the Kwahu Easter is important than preventing the spread of Covid-19. People from different areas will troop to the area, if care is not taken, we will start another wave again. Uncontrolled movements and interactions are the major cause of the spread so I will advise that, we should suspend the Kwahu Easter Festival and get serious over the fight against Covid-19,


Prof Annan also advised passengers not to talk unnecessarily to reduce serious exposure adding that when we adhere to the protocols the call to reduce the number of passengers would not be considered.

He said the call for a reduction of passengers, closure of schools may collapse the economy which is dangerous to the nation.