Bossum Pyung
Bossum Pyung

Bosum Pyung angrily blast organizers of 3 Music Awards.

Bossum Pyung, the ‘Atta Adwoa’ hitmaker claims he is disappointed in the directors of the 3 Music Awards for not honoring him any nomination slot.

The Ataa Adwoa hitmaker claimed he should have gotten a nomination in the 3 Music Awards because he worked hard last year.

He made this known on his twitter platform earlier today, February 16, 2021.

He said he is sad because they weren’t fair and they had to reward people for their hard work and not because they got favorites.

Bossum Pyung wrote on Twitter;

“I am highly disappointed in the 3music award scheme for the rejection and denying of my nominations in a lot of the categories without any tangible reason. Boy works hard, reward people for their hard work not because you got favorites. Sad” 

Bossom Pyung claims he deserved a nomination in the 3 Music Awards.