Bukom Banku and patapaa's ex girlfriend-
Bukom Banku and patapaa's ex girlfriend-

Queen Peezhy disses Patapaa’s wife on her new track, nanansem.com can report.

The ex-girlfriend of Patapaa, Queen Peezy has released a diss song for Patapaa and her lovely wedded wife.

Queen Peezy’s track she called Obroni P3t3 was directed to Patapaa for leaving her and getting married to the lady Queen calls ‘Obroni P3t3’.

In the track, Queen Peezy made detailed how Patapaa, who she regarded as a best friend abandoned her for the German girl.

After their break up, Queen Peezy found love in Bukom Banku. In a video exclusive to SVTV Africa, Bukom offered her a promise ring on Valentine’s day as a sign of his love for her