Dzifa Sweetness

Sex coach Dzifa Sweetness has talked about love and sex and she elucidates that, sex can’t create love but love can create sex

Speaking with Justice Boakye Danquah (Adwen) on e.TV Ghana’s In Bed With Adwen, She explained love as a special kind of feeling which you feel for someone within your heart but when we talk about sex, it is the kind of feeling that one feels from the mind towards people they want to have sexually.


In her conversation, she made mention that, when it comes to love, your heart sometimes dictates for you, not the mind, “you can be in love with someone and not even know how you fell in love with the person”, she explained. Love is a special feeling from the heart.

According to her, sex is a feeling from the mind, “you can just see a woman with big boobs and ass, and want to have sex with her, you can see a madwoman and just want to have sex with her”, she said

As stated by her, people have sex and regret afterwards, but love keeps the person in your mind all the time. “When you have sex with the person you love, there is no way you are going to regret it because you love each other”, she disclosed.