Medikal’s manager is into black magic so be careful – Showboy warns Teephlow, can report.

Ghanaian rapper and social media Influencer, Showboy has made a statement about his friend, Flow Delly of AMG Business fame.

Showboy, who is the co-founder of AMG Business, has warned TeePhlow to stop the beef because Medikal’s manager Flow Delly is evil.

He then said Medikal’s Manager Flow Delly can tie TeePhlow from getting a hit song in the music industry so it will be better for him to stop.

Showboy added that Strongman tried to beef Medikal and ever since, he is struggling to get a hit song. He tweeted:

“Last advice to TeePhlow … mdk in manager called FLOW DELLY …HE LOVES JUJU PAA … … If u go try Medikal them go just burry ur soul … Please stop it.  … AMG Boyz be deadly …. If u don’t have a correct mallam and no get heart go Benin don’t beef us …ye ye deadly

U go do SAA then mdk drop another hit song that be the funny side of the business… Strong man beef mdk finish he never get hit song after that ya kye kyere no.”

Showboy warns TeePhlow to stop beefing Medikal.