Funny and David

Popular actor Prince David Osei has reacted to the recent comments made by Funny Face against him in s social media post, can report

The actor in a post on Instagram stated that he has nothing against his colleague actor as he understands what he is currently going through.


In responding to Funny Face’s threats, Prince David Osei stated that he will always be a brother to the comic actor

He wrote in an instagram post, “My brother I am not against you and can never be against you brother, I feel your pain and empathize with you.. Everything will be okay bro, it is interesting how some people including bloggers, sending me screenshots of you insulting me on your page, just because I sent a word of prayer to you.. I won’t let them win bro, just wondering why they won’t use that same energy they using now to make stupidity trend, to solicit help for you and talk about your Police Brutality.. Praying for you Funny Face all these shall pass soon!! PRAY FOR FUNNY FACE ????”