Kennedy Agyapong's daughters
Kennedy Agyapong's daughters

Kennedy Agyapong’s Beautiful, Posh Daughters Reveal The Kind Of Guys They’ll Love To Date, can report.

The popular MP, Kennedy Agyapong’s daughters have popped up a video online. The girls described the type of men they would want to date in a new video shared on social media.

In the video, his daughters chose between Ghanaian men and other countries men.

The girls firstly selected the tag that shows that they’re interested in other men and after a minute they all came back for Ghanaian men cementing the fact that they’re would choose Ghanaian men over others.

Also, about 5 of them chose love over money whilst one selected money over love.

The Agyapong sisters have lately been sharing fun videos to confirm that they share a powerful bond.