Bobrisky-and the Lady who wrote her name
Bobrisky-and the Lady who wrote her name

Bobrisky reacts as another lady gets tattoo of her full name on her arm, can report.

The crossdresser, Bobrisky treated a lady who got a tattoo of her on her back to a lavish lifestyle, fans of Bobrisky are going overhead to make him notice their existence as her fan.


Another fan of the socialite from Abidjan, has inked a tattoo of Bobrisky’s full name and nickname on her arm

In reaction, the self-big girl has appreciated the lady. The lady is known as Kyme Oye, and also promised her the sum of 1million naira, first class ticket and visa to Nigeria for a visit and a trip to Dubai with Gifts.

“Damn…… you guys want me to keep crying dis is so nice. She wrote my full name name and my nickname Bobrisky. @oye. Kyme I love you so much. She is not in Nigeria.

I don’t care if you do dis to get my attention yeah! you have done it and you finally got my attention. Now let me do something you will never forget for writing bob name.

1) drop me an account sending you 1million ASAP.

2) sad you are not in Nigeria but, I will pay for your flight (first class) and visa down to Nigeria for a visit

3) making you so famous

4) following you back 

5) trip to Dubai with @anumbagift