According to Prophet Obeng, the plot to get rid of Afia, known in personal life as Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa was hatched by some enemies who have failed to execute their bid spiritually and now intend on making it physical

“The Lord has spoken to me to inform her that some people have plotted to kill, they will either shoot her or butcher her. This is because they’ve tried her spiritually and it failed. They wanted her to die through sickness that didn’t work, they wanted her to have an accident and that also failed. But now they believe she’s being a nuisance so they want to butcher her or shoot her at the end of this month,” he stated in a YouTube interview with Oman Channel.
Bishop Gyataba however averred that the TV personality has favour in the sight of God and thus urged her to seek spiritual help to stop the evil plot against her life.

The lord’s hand is upon her because her family has a covenant with God. So from today going she should be careful wherever she goes to. She has to be security conscious and if she has a spiritual father, she should make sure she makes him aware of all her dealings even when she has to use the washroom. So that evil people cannot end her life,” he added