No more excuses from major artistes since my ‘Ekorso’ song blew up – Kofi Jamar

Kofi Jamar has disclosed that artistes who used to give him excuses are the once trooping in and out of his dm after the hit track ‘Ekorso’.

He then said now most of the artistes are bringing their proposals to feature on the remix of his latest hit single ‘Ekorso’.

According to Kofi Jamar, this was astonishing because, he suffered several disappointments from the same group of artistes who have dm him for Ekorso remix.

Kofi Jamar said although it’s totally unfair for artistes to treat their fellow colleagues with disdain, he somewhat understands as it’s part of human nature.

“People want to associate themselves with you when they see you up there. That human nature. Though I won’t say they completely turned me down at a time I needed them, they came up with all sorts of excuses at that time. This time around the excuses is no more, they all want a feature on the song and you can tell that it’s part of human nature,” he stated.

He said the ‘Ekorso’ song became an instant hit to the extent that his team did not have to put in much effort to promote it.

“Ekorso blew up by itself. There was not much work put into the promotion. Much was not done for it in terms of finance. It just blew up because of the trend and it’s spreading like wildfire. Although we are not making some plugins we are supposed to make, it is pushing itself,” he added.