Charles M. Schulz ones said “all you need is love

 But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”. See how loved and at peace you feel when given chocolate, the love and feeling chocolate comes with is like that of an enthusiasm or an edge to have and enjoy something. Your love for chocolate turns on the sparkles in your eyes, the unending light in your eyes until you have really enjoyed your love of the moment (chocolate). Chocolate is our poetry of sense on this valentine’s day, we will make that sparkle in our eyes come back again, a sparkle that is painless and comes with unending joy


For the love of chocolate, we will take you back a bit to our wellspring, with a bite of our love or with a drink of our love, did you know it was out of love Tetteh Quarshie in the 1890s returned to Ghana from Fernando po with coco beans? It was with this same love for cocoa that gave our farmers the endurance to continue growing cocoa in Ghana. Diving quickly in our modern-day Ghana, have you wondered why cocoa is an essential product? Talk of all our beverages, pomade, chocolate spread etc. is all cocoa extract, this is because cocoa is our first love, our first sparkle in the eyes?

Have you enjoyed any product without the taste or smell of chocolate? Wondering why all Ghanaians have a nice skin and hair, it’s because their love for cocoa is behind that nice skin and hair. At the mention of cocoa Ghanaians run and hail for its extracts be it cream, chocolate or beverage. This shows that, there is love at the mention of cocoa because its takes back to history on how Ghana got cocoa and its origin. Our chocolate, our love is the reason why Ghana is one of the best leading countries in cocoa.