Eno Barony
Eno Barony

Ghanaian men are refusing to propose love to me – Eno Barony cries, nanansem.com can report.

Eno Barony has revealed that Ghanaian men refuse to propose love to her, due to obvious reasons people think.

The Hardcore Ghanaian female rapper, in an interview at Peace FM monitored by nanansem.com, Eno Barony said because of how she carries herself, most of the men think that is how is in real life so they are scared to approach her.

She then said even though she behaves like a cross gender in her music career that is not how she is in her actual life.

She revealed that her nature of life especially how she raps and goes hard in her music videos has given the public that impression.

According to her, she said these perception people have affects her negatively in her personal life but places her attention on her music career.

She reiterated that she’s a natural-born, beautiful Ghanaian girl and has no transgender gene or anything connected to a transgender procedure in her cells.