Counsellor Charlotte Oduro
Counsellor Charlotte Oduro

Wives of respected, ‘big big Pastors’ painfully suffering in silence – Charlotte Oduro

The Famous Marriage Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has revealed that most wives of these famous pastors are not comfortable opening to their psychological torture.

She stated that most of these wives are really suffering painfully in silence.

“I have many men of God because I am one, their wives are seriously suffering but they cannot voice it publicly. You cannot say it because your husband is a pastor and you are his wife. Who are you going to complain to? You see her come to church well-dressed but behind the scenes, things are not going as expected,” she revealed while speaking on the topic “The Needs of Our Partners” on Okay FM’s Ekwanso Dwodwo with Abeiku Santana monitored by

She also said most of these problems arise as a result of Pastors not having time for their wives, leaving them with no option but endure what the pain they find their self in.

According to her, most of the women wish their partners could just look them and tell them they look good.

“She is going through pain because the pastor needs to take care of the church, the needs of the church and neglect the woman in the house. That is the conduct of most men. I have bought her a car; we have a house we have everything so she is fine. It is not about the car, it is not about the money but just giving a little time to her”, she explained.