Dr. Charlotte-Oduro
Dr. Charlotte-Oduro

Counsellor Charlotte gives women strategic advise on what to do when their men offends them.

Marriage Counsellor Dr. Charlotte Oduro has advised to give their husbands good and hot sex and a massage on their feet when they offend them.

She then went on and said, what she said is not to favor men but, women must know that “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

She then advised women to continue being good even when they know their man is misbehaving.

She issued this information during an interview on Okay FM with Abeiku Santana.

“If one is not appreciating you not because of what you are doing, do not pay him back. Do your part as you must do it. I know when my husband comes home, he needs to eat this, I need to pamper him, massage his legs and give him good sex. Some women say they cannot do that because they are embittered” she spoke.

She also advised men to also support their partners (Wives) in diverse ways rather than giving them cars and material stuff.

“Also cultivate the habit of finding out from your wives what they need aside from the cars and money you have given them. Your time, your patience, how you address her and how you take care of her. It is not all about money. No!”