Agya koo

Kumawood actor, Kofi Adu, known in the showbiz circle as Agya koo, has said players in the movie industry deliberately conspired and plotted his downfall, can report

According to him, he stormed out of the movie set upon the insistence of the director that he goes naked in a river, something Agya koo said he vehemently argued and stood against


After that incident, Agya koo said all movie producers and directors in Kumawood ganged up against him and boycotted all films in which he starred or had anything to do with

“I have no equal in the movie industry,” Agya koo told Fiifi Pratt on Accra-based Kingdom plus 101.9Fm, adding that he is a real heavyweight with no worthy contender.

“My acting talent towers above all in the industry; not even Lil Win comes any close to me,” he said