Bukom Banku and patapaa's ex girlfriend-
Bukom Banku and patapaa's ex girlfriend-

Briamah Kamoko popularly known as Bukom Banku has disclosed he dated patapaa’s ex before Patapaa met her.

In an Interview with SVTV Africa, he stated that they were together for a while till he got to know the girl was dating Patapaa.

” Patapaa and I lived at Jamestown before he moved to Tema. I heard she was with Patapaa so I left her. Now, he is with the white lady from London so I’m with her now. We are dating now. When she gets pregnant, I’ll take responsibility. The girl loves me too much,” Bukom Banku said.

Getting to the close of the interview he disclosed that, his number one goal is to become a world champion in his career before he dies. Adding that he has two more fights in the USA and Australia.