Simi Duduke hit maker
Simi Duduke hit maker

Women decide to cook or not to cook when Pregnant – Simi

Nigerian singer-songwriter and mother of one, Simi has stated that, it is okay for a woman to choose not to cook when pregnant.

The hitmaker of Duduke on her twitter page tweeted on Thursday morning to react to a tweet saying that women should not use pregnancy to avoid cooking.

” This take is dangerous. Some women ARE sick when they’re pregnant. Some, too weak to do anything. Some pregnancies are high risk.

The fact that ur pregnancy went smoothly and u could live in the kitchen doesn’t mean it’s okay to judge other women that cannot or DO NOT want to Women deserve a break from these rubbish takes foggosake.

This is why some random man will be saying, “Other women are doing it. You should too” There’s no trophy for being a problem. Leave people alone.”