A Ghanaian musician Okyeame Kwame, has given a piece of advice to young artistes on their romantic relationship, nanansem.com can report

A Ghanaian musician who has been married for more than a decade, Okyeame Kwame , has given a piece of advice to young artistes on how to make the most of their romantic relationship for the benefit of their music career.


In an interview with Kojo Manuel on the Y Disco Diaries edition of the Dryve show, he shared: “Let’s learn to listen without prejudice. Sometimes in anger, people tell you very honest stuff. If you are a young artiste and you are in a relationship with an amazing woman or an amazing man who truly loves you, I think you should learn to take advice from them”

His advice follows the experience he had with his wife, at a time when she was only his girlfriend. According to him, at a time he almost gave up on music, his then-girlfriend threatened to end their relationship if he decided to do so.

He stated that such a threat from his girlfriend coupled with the inspiration he had from one of Jay Z’s song moved him to release a hit song ‘Woso’; proving to his girlfriend that he wanted to save their relationship

“It is not only your girlfriend or your boyfriend you must take advice from. You can take advice from anybody around you from management to brothers, cousins or classmates. Whatever they tell you, you need to take the objective truth out of them no matter the circumstances in which they told you because there are always truths out there,” he added