Nene Joojo

Ghanaian highlife artiste, Nene Joojo has revealed he feels no remorse switching from rap to highlife, can report

Describing the genre, he said, “Highlife is our backbone and a stronghold for Ghanaians. When it comes to music, Joojo who has been doing highlife for 5 years now has enjoyed the genre and keeps exploring”.


Talking to Foster Romanus on the Late Nite Celebrity Show on e.TV Ghana, he said, “I believe if you really want to last long in the industry as far as music is concerned then, it’s best you know how to sing”.

For Nene Joojo, knowing how to rap in addition to singing is a plus and a quality that musicians should possess

Not disputing the fact that any musician can choose to do only one genre of music he asserts, “it’s advisable for every musician to know how to sing before adding rap to it”.

He ended by saying he believes doing highlife music has helped him grow more in the music industry than if he had done rap