Mortuary workers urges Ghanaians to organize private burials to decongest morgues.

The Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana has urged the general public to organize private burials to aid in the decongestion of morgues in the coming weeks after the ban of funeral ceremonies with large gatherings.

Speaking to UniversNews, General Secretary of the Mortuary Workers Association of Ghana, Mr. Richard Kofi Jordan stated that, if the number of dead bodies at morgues begin to increase, they will ask the general public to stop bringing bodies to the various facilities.

“Because of the ban, people are not going to bury as they ought to do, so yes, our mortuaries in a few weeks to come will see an astronomical increase in bodies in our various facilities, and even to a point where if we are not careful, we are going to ask the public to stop bringing bodies to our various facilities.” He spoke.

Mr. Richard highlighted that the association has called on the government several times to supply members with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) but the government continue to pay death ears to their cries.

“We have always agitated for PPEs. We are saying that you (government) said people are not dying, they’re dying at a very slow pace, but have you (government) considered those that are dying at home as well? We have been left to handle the issues on our own. We have agitated for PPEs and we are not getting them, we think that it is a concern to the general public as a major stakeholder in the funeral industry. We are not very happy about this; we do not want to get into the situation where we have to resort to an industrial action to press hard on the giving away of PPEs.” He added.