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Nose mask

A virologist,  Dr Michael Owusu says masking alone cannot keep out coronavirus, can report.

Dr Michael Owusu has said there is the need for a coordinated observance of coronavirus protocols at a time wearing of masks is seen as the main protocol.


He said, “nose masks by itself does not prevent somebody from getting the virus. This is why if you wear some of these masks you must also observe physical distancing

“It is not surprising that even if people wear medicals masks and they don’t wear it well and there are spaces around, this new strain will not spare you. Once it has access to the respiratory quarter… it is going to attach and once it attaches it is going to give you infection,” he told Joy FM in an interview

According to him, the improper wearing of these masks could likely be the cause of coronavirus case surges in recent times

“… the way they are wearing it (masks), the way they are tagging to the nose. The spaces being left around … all this is likely to contribute to the surges that we are seeing,” he added