Magdalene Love replies Ayisha Modi after she accused Magdalene of having sex with Shatta Wale.

Magdalene Love, the acclaimed relative of Shatta wale, finally replies Ayisha Modi.


Magdalene was accused by Ayisha Modi of having sex with Shatta Wale.

Ayisha Modi in a live video on Instagram today, February 3, 2021, disclosed that one reason why Michy broke up with Shatta was because he was having a sexual relation with his cousin.

But in reply to these accusations, Love has denied all the accusations leveled against her.

She then said Shatta has been an old friend since the time she was thirteen years of age and Shatta Wale is not her relative.

“What didn’t people say about me and Shatta? When he had problems with Michelle, people said a whole lot about me yet I did not respond. God knows the truth. I met Shatta when I was thirteen years so it’s very stupid to say I’m dating him. I’m not in any way related to him. When I met Shatta, nobody even knew him as Bandana,” she fumed.

She also accused Aisha Modi of being a lesbian.

According to her, Aisha’s constant habit of sleeping with women was the main reason why Ofori Amponsah divorced her.

“Why didn’t you also state that you are a lesbian? You are a wild lesbian and you sponsor women, organize parties for them and so on. Go and ask why her ex-husband left her. It’s because she is a lesbian,” she stated

She also disclosed that Aisha is the type that does not like to take her bath.

“She doesn’t like to bathe. At least I know lesbians are neat but as for this one, she hates bathing,”