Shatta wale and Aisha Modi
Shatta wale and Aisha Modi

Shatta Wale has rain insults on Aisha Modi a Fan of Stonebwoy, can report.

Aisha Modi an investor and a fan of Stonebwoy, recently posted a picture of Stonebwoy on one of her social media platforms.


Where she stated that, Stonebwoy keeps on traveling around the world and making money while other musicians in Ghana are idle.

This statement she made got so many people upset where one of the fans of Shatta Wale (SM) commented.

“The fact that he decided to roam and take pictures in this corona era does not make him hardworking. Stop fooling,” the SM fan wrote.

Aisha who didn’t the insult as a joke also replied to the fan of SM.

“Tell your king to stop sleeping with his cousin and work hard. You fools should bring yourselves and you’ll hear nonsense.” Aisha replied.

Obviously, Shatta wale was monitoring the comments and the replies.

In a long video Shatta wale made on Instagram which was about 41-minutes long rained insults and cursed Aisha for comments she made.

“You commented on someone’s page that I’m sleeping with my cousin. Have I ever told you anything about that? Respect yourself. Stonebwoy is my blood that’s why I overlook certain things he does so don’t you ever involve yourself in my business. I will slap you everywhere I see you. You claim to live at East Legon and I also reside there so try and step foot in my house and see if you won’t receive slaps. I will slap you and it will be worse than what Stonebwoy did to Angletown,” Shatta Wale fumed and further unleashed unprintable words.