TeePhlow an Award-winning Ghanaian rapper made known to Amansan Krakye in an Interview on Kastle FM monitored by MyNews.Gh.com why he is still locked up in the US.

He communicated during the interview that, he only got to know he tested positive when he was about to return to Ghana.

TeePhlow also said that he kept it from the public for the fear of causing panic among his fan base.

“As for abroad, we came to just make a curve and return home which we adequately prepared to come back to Ghana. When I was about to return to Ghana, I was supposed to do a Covid-19 test before I would be allowed to go to the airport and travel back home,” he stated.

“But unfortunately, I tested positive for Covid-19, however, it’s a piece of information which I didn’t put out earlier in the public domain to avoid panicking amongst my fanbase. So, when it happened like that it means I couldn’t fly back to Ghana from Connecticut in the USA,” he revealed on Kastle Drive.

He then advised his followers on Kastle FM in Coast to tread cautiously because the pandemic was real so they should adhere to the safety protocols and the use of the herbal medicines should be encouraged.

“We have to practice social distancing and apart from that you have to eat more fruits and vegetables, ginger with garlic mixture boiled together and drink more traditional herbal medicine,” he continued.

He concluded, “Because Covid-19 is very real which is killing a lot of people so let’s all be careful and at the appropriate time I shall return to Ghana for all of us to properly have fun together.”