Strika(Beast of No nation)
Strika(Beast of No nation)

Strika known as one of the actors of the famous movie Beast of no nation is back on the streets and reveals why he smokes.

Strika was one of the teenage actors of Beast of no nation with Abraham Attah also being an actor of that movie.

But now, Strika is back on the streets where he now begs money in order to survive and provide even a three square meal a day.

The young teenage actor was found in the street of kaneshie by a Gospel Musician Minister Edward and they had a chat on his current lifestyle.

The Gospel Musician continued to question him about the rumors circulating, of him been a smoker. which his lips even looked darker than before.

In response, he agreed to the fact that he smokes, but it’s meant to reduce the pressure on him.

“Due to the pressure and how I have been neglected, nothing better is going on in my life, and the only option for me is to resort to smoking,” he said.

As the conversation was ongoing, Minister Edward asked him about his relationship with fellow actor Abraham Attah, he said they still talk from time to time but because he’s no more with his previous management team, connecting with him is not as it used to be.