Deloris Frimpong(Delay)
Deloris Frimpong(Delay)

Delay savagely replies a fan who said he is in love with her.

The famous TV presenter of The Delay show, Deloris Frimpong Manso also known as Delay, replied a young guy on her twitter page after the guy told her he loves her.


In his tweet, @rhimbwoyr said he fell in love with the Tv presenter since he started streaming her program.

“@delayghana madam I really fell in love with you since I watched your last interview“, he tweeted.

He also said despite Delay is older than him there is no problem with that since the love he has for her is very serious.

“I love you serious, I know you are older than but still the odo nu is still in me“,@rhimbwoyr added.

Delay after going through her tweets came across the young man’s tweet and decided to reply him in a savage manner.

In Delay’s reply, she stated that the young guy should concerntrate on his books.

“Concentrate on your books young man”, @delayghana replied.

Delay brutally replies a fan.