Obiri Boahen tells Rawlings should have apologized for his act of brutality before dying.

The General secretary of the governing party(Obiri Boahen), The New Patrotic Party, has said that the late formal president of Ghana who was buried yesterday should have apologize to the general public of his brutality.

He disclosed that,

 “Sometimes, one must come out openly and make a confession when he has erred. It is very important. All throughout his life, when he [Mr. Rawlings] was alive, some of us took him on.

“And I kept on saying that I wished Rawlings would one day come out openly to tell the whole world that ‘I Jerry John Rawlings as a human being, I might have stepped on the toes of some people and I do hereby render an unqualified apology to those individuals’ – That would have been the best. But he never made such confession.”.