Celestine-donkor reacts
Celestine-donkor reacts

Celestine Donkor edges Cecilia Marfo to Apply wisdom to her Ministry. nanansem can report.

In a recent program which was held on the 22nd of January this year by the Unity group of Companies, where there was a prophecy, Cecilia Marfo made mentioned in public that Joyce Blessing should return to her Husband.


Celestine Donkor had a discussion with showbiz and passed on some decisions she think Cecilia Marfo should take before making such prohecies.

she said,

“I have known Cecilia Marfo and also experienced her Ministry and can attest that she carries the power of God but my only advice is that she should apply wisdom when giving a strong prophetic word to people.

“Not only in the case of Joyce Blessing but to every human being because everyone has their level of faith and what they can take and what can break them or push them into depression. And divorce is one of the unpleasant things people are not proud to talk about.

“For example, if you tell a person he or she will die, the panic and fear is enough to kill the person in say two days. Maybe, that death could be true and could happen over a year but the fear can kill the person quickly.

“So I advise that with such prophetic words, it should be communicated in private and prayerfully, especially because everybody going through things like divorce really needs prayer, support and love,” she said.

“I’m a woman and I feel the embarrassment and the pain Joyce will go through. Besides, Cecilia has a history and it is beginning to look like her approach is for attention.

“She had a case with Brother Sammy and now with Joyce Blessing and when that happens, even when it is true and from God, it takes attention from the substantive issue,” she stated.

The reigning VGMA Gospel Artiste of the Year similarly cautioned her colleagues not to encourage public prophecies about them.

“As for my management, before we are invited to a programme, especially if it’s a prophet, my husband communicates with them to let them know that we won’t entertain any prophecy in public.

“If they have a prophecy, it should be done in private and if you intend to go against it, my husband can walk on the stage to stop anything that you will do so we should always be organised so the management of Joyce Blessing had every right to stop that thing,” she added.

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